Archbishop Justin Welby:

“Addiction issues cause tremendous pain and suffering to individuals and their loved ones, from physical and mental health issues, to job loss and relationship breakdown. I commend all those who work so tirelessly to support young people, to avoid them falling into the trap of drug dependency, and pray for compassion, wisdom and strength for them as they continue in this vital work. The care and support they demonstrate goes right to the heart of how God is calling us to share the love of Jesus Christ in our society.”

FE Students, Northamptonshire:

“I felt that I really enjoyed it and found it interesting because it was very practical. Was very excellent and I loved it very much. I liked how she made us discuss the drugs and feedback. I found it very interesting to know the different drugs/legal drugs.  She lets everyone get involved.”

“My guys have responded brilliantly to these talks, every single one, so I highly recommend you get her in, she’s ace!” (A tutor!)

Night Shelter Staff

“She was completely on top of her subject and had an excellent teaching style interesting and informative.”  

“Left feeling uplifted and more able to cope with life’s up’s and downs.”  

Manchester Street Pastors

“ Excellent delivery with interactive participation.  We will use Hope UK as part of our future training programme.”

“Excellent, a real eye opener. She involved everyone in discussion. I gained such a lot of knowledge about drugs, really good communicator.”

Kingston Youth Workers

“I learnt a lot throughout the day and feel I have a plethora of information about drugs. Useful to think through scenarios and what we can do as youth and children’s workers.”  

“Relaxed and enjoyable, not like traditional drug awareness. Lots of activities and chances for us to talk, which I think is great for a group like ours.”

School, London

“We learnt the effects of the drugs. We learnt that cannabis was worse than what we thought before – memory loss. Overall, we have learnt not to take drugs because we are beautiful smart children.”   

“It was a good session and I learned lots about drugs and how not to use them.”

“Learnt quite a bit about dangerous drugs. More different names of drugs. The four different categories. Reasons why people take drugs and how to avoid it.”

“Cannabis is more harmful than you think. The lesson was good and enjoyable.  Cannabis causes memory loss and concern. Cocaine causes heart attack, if used too many times. The role play was fun and entertaining.”

Parents, Bedford

“The trainer was excellent – she was a mum and had been through the teenage years – so knows about the fears and pit-falls and gave a lot of hope. The media tends to focus on the negative and with children approaching teenage years it can all seem a bit daunting.”

“Very informative, clear and thorough training.”

“…this was totally new information for me, never having seen the substances in small amounts in sachets. I realise what to look for now.”

Social Workers, South London

“Very good mix of practical/theory, group/individual work.”

“I arrived knowing very little about this and have gained so much knowledge. It has made me aware of effects to look out for and how to deal with situations professionally.”

“I feel the course was extremely effective and well run.”


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