Hope UK’s drug education equips young people to make drug-free choices.
We help children and young people develop the knowledge and skills they can use in situations where they, or their friends, may be offered or taking drugs.

We do this by working with groups and individuals in both formal and informal settings through in-person or virtual (online) sessions. For more information on effective drug education, go to our values page.

Although happy to take drug awareness sessions – both with children and young people and the adults who work with them/care for them – we also help develop relevant life skills. For example, peer resistance skills, developing confidence and decision-making tools. These skills are vital not just for drug-related situations, but for life generally.

We develop bespoke sessions and activities for the groups we will be working with, and we are very happy to discuss with you what you feel would be most appropriate and helpful.

For further information, please feel free to contact us or download a booking form. If you are interested in hosting an online session, you can download further information and a booking form here.


Workshops for young people

Workshops in schools

Workshops for adults


“I am a youth worker with Pollards Hill Baptist Church in Mitcham, Surrey. The Church runs a youth club with a high proportion of un-churched young people from the surrounding neighbourhood. I arranged for Hope UK to send a speaker to one of our youth club evenings and she was excellent. There were about 35 young people present and she held their attention by involving them in role play and other interactive activities that served to increase their understanding of specific drugs that are commonly available. The session was down-to-earth, practical and up-to-date. I am hoping that the Hope UK speaker will come again to speak to the whole church as well as the young people.”

Youth Worker

Pollards Hill Youth Club


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