We develop bespoke courses for any group who would like training in drugs and related issues. However, we also have two Open College Network (OCN) accredited courses. These are aimed at professionals wanting to engage in a practical way with their clients, as well as deepening their understanding of drugs, drug laws and other relevant information.

The two courses are:

  • Young People, Drugs and the Role of the Youth Worker
  • Drug Prevention and Interventions for Family Workers

For both courses, there is an option to gain credit from the Open College Network.

Participants receive

  • Two days of practical, interactive training, including activities they can use in their role.
  • A handbook of practical ideas.
  • A portfolio, which can be completed and submitted for assessment, to receive OCN credit.
Young People, Drugs and the Role of the Youth Worker

This two-day, practical course is aimed at youth workers and others regularly working with young people. You will learn about drugs, what they look like, their effects and dangers, and potential signs and symptoms of drug use. You will discuss relevant legislation and how this impacts on your work. The course considers why someone might choose to use drugs, and what, if anything, a youth worker could do about this. You will discuss issues that youth workers face and look at helpful tools to address these issues.

Participants receive a course manual with suggested activities to use with the young people they work with (suitable for formal and informal settings). They can also receive credit from the Open College Network for their learning.

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Drug Prevention for Family Workers

Many people working with families have to tackle drug use within the family alongside a host of other issues. This two-day, accredited programme enables professionals to develop the skills and knowledge they need to manage drug issues within the context of their work with families. Participants learn to recognise common drugs, understand something of their effects, and begin to know what signs they might see in a family affected by harmful drug use. The course looks at relevant legislation and the impact this may have on work with families. Alongside suitable tools to use, discussions of the issues, case studies and practical help, learners can, if they wish, gain external credit from the Open College Network.

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“I simply wanted to express my thanks to you for the excellent 2 days’ drugs training you both delivered for us. My team have expressed how interesting and engaging it was. It was lovely to hear the team laughing during the session as well as leaving the sessions looking empowered and full of new knowledge.”

“Excellent, very engaging, not spoon fed and allowed us to really go deeper and explore ideas.  The trainer was extremely interactive, honest and open, using real life situations which made it real.  I practically liked the way she challenged perspectives with different scenarios.  I thought she was engaging and interesting.  Very impressed.” 

Youth Workers



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