Hope UK’s volunteers are crucial to our work. Could you be one of them?

Could you facilitate sessions with children, young people or adults? Help them to learn about drugs and alcohol, to consider their attitudes, and to develop key skills such as peer resistance and parenting?

Maybe you could do this informally on the street or at a freshers’ fair (for example)?

With our help, you can. We have four volunteering opportunities to suit different interests and abilities.

Our Volunteer training course is accredited by the Open College Network. It takes about 120 hours to complete, including distance learning and four practical training weekends.

In return, we ask for an average of two hours per week of your time (or one day a month) to reach out to your community. Volunteers working together locally achieve more and benefit from mutual support and encouragement. If at least 8 people in your area want to train together, it may be possible to arrange training where you live.

During the training, you will learn about drugs, how to be a good communicator, how to plan activities and make them interactive and inclusive for everyone. You will observe and work alongside experienced workers before you take the lead yourself.

To be a Volunteer you need to be over 18, Christian and drug free.

For more information download the information pack and application form below or contact us


“It has been a privilege to be trained by Hope UK, and my desire is to reach 10,000 children and parents myself, as I have personally seen the pain and suffering that drugs cause. Education is one way of helping those young people to make drug-free choices. We at Hope UK are committed to doing this.’
Volunteer, London

‘Although we are a very small team here in North Herts, we are finding that the work is growing, which is very exciting, but it’s also a question of whether we are able to take on new commitments. What we really need is a couple of new educators in our area!’
Volunteers, Hertfordshire

‘I doubt I would have done Open University and have had this job without your encouragement on the training course a few years before that’
Former Volunteer, Dorset


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