The Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education curriculum contains drug education at both primary and secondary level. Our drug workshops for schools are designed with your school so that we help you cover this curriculum. We can also include other, relevant areas from the RSE guidelines if you would find this helpful. This could include, for example, ‘respectful relationships’ and ‘being safe’.

We have many years experience working with schools to help support their drug education, and our educators will design bespoke lessons to fit in with the wider activities of your school.

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We have developed lots of online resources which include lesson plansactivitiesPowerPoint presentations and resources for teachers (primary and secondary) to use with their students. Each plan and activity has been mapped against the national curriculum.


Primary: Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Pupils should know

  • the facts about legal and illegal harmful substances and associated risks, including smoking, alcohol use and drug-taking.

Secondary: Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

Pupils should know

  • the facts about legal and illegal drugs and their associated risks, including the link between drug use and the associated risks, including the link to serious mental health conditions.
  • the law relating to the supply and possession of illegal substances.
  • the physical and psychological risks associated with alcohol consumption and what constitutes low-risk alcohol consumption in adulthood.
  • the physical and psychological consequences of addiction, including alcohol dependency.
  • awareness of the dangers of drugs which are prescribed but still present serious health risks.
  • the facts about the harms from smoking tobacco (particularly the link to lung cancer), the benefits of quitting and how to access support to do so.

Our lessons can include topics like:

  •  Drug information – appearance, effects and risks
  •  Legal drugs including alcohol, vapes and nitrous oxide
  • Drug laws and how they might impact a young person
  •  Attitudes and Opinions
  • Peer resistance skills, social capital and building confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Decision making
  • Healthy relationships
  • County Lines, gangs and grooming
  • Where to get help

We use a variety of teaching activities, and these can include:

  • Discussions – both everyone together and smaller groups
  • Quizzes
  • Role play and case studies
  • Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Games
  • Practical – practicing relevant life skills
  • Visual aids